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Punjab Govt. Dental College and Hospital, Amritsar works under the administrative control of the department of medical education and research, Government of Punjab. The department is headed by a cabinet minister along with an administrative secretary and subordinate functionaries. The directorate of research and medical education was established in the year 1973, with main objective to facilitate development of quality medical facilities in government and private sectors. It strives to be the best provider and developer of high quality medical and paramedical manpower in the northern region.

Punjab Govt. Dental College and Hospital, Amritsar performs the following functions:

1) It imparts quality education to students under the undergraduate (BDS) and postgraduate (MDS) courses including theory and practical training.

2) It facilitates research in the various sectors of dental field.

3) It provides tertiary health care and emergency care services including trauma and disaster management.

4) It primarily promotes and protects general oral health through community dental services.

The local administrative control of the establishment wrests with the Principal. The contact details of the principal office area as below:

Dr. Renu Bala Sroa

Punjab Govt. Dental College and Hospital Amritsar-143001
Telephone: +91-9878815127
Fax: +91-183-2223235
E-mail: govtdentalcollegeamritsar@gmail.com