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AS I AM WRITING TO YOU, I can see the students outside my office walking cool, chilled & confident. It's amazing how with time, there is a drastic change the way we work, play & live. I have seen this change in this college from my student life to principal ship; hopefully change is for betterment.

Punjab Govt. Dental College and Hospital, Amritsar is a 64 years old college with fascinating history. It has produced top most dental surgeon over the period of time, achieving the highest posts, not only in India but throughout the world. We have a small faculty; small only in number; but their caliber, zeal to work is par excellence. Not only academics, but extra curricular activities are also taken care of.

Helping the students to a happier life is the mission of our college. Happier life can only be achieved by hard work, a lot of fun, success & of course failure too. Be optimistic-always---whatever the circumstances may be. Of course, do complain if you feel like, as it also pays.

Wishing you all a great life!